Gamerbots Review


*note: this is for the updated version
Features I love:
New helmets
Multiplayer better
A.I. fixed
New Limbs
Single Player more challenging
No more buying bullets

Only 3 co-op missions
Defeats required to unlock helmets (mainly because few people play online deathmatch, but this isn't a major issue)
Respawn Points quite Linear
Shotgun fells too widespread


When I saw the Update Required screen, I was very surprised. No resources online told me of this. The Co-Op missions are a blast, but only 3 missions are available. This isn't a big issue, however, because these missions are fun to play again and again. The regular solo missions also surprised me. No more was my easy money, which I am relieved. It was boring winning all the time. New limbs and Helmets also join the party. And finally: NO MORE BUYING BULLETS! The first person mode surprised me. It was a lot better than I expected, besides the lag between firing and the gun actually moving. Shotguns are now one of my favorite weapons. I have beaten many a mission with my wit, speed, and my trusty lancer. Speaking of speed and wit, the sensitivity adjustment is a major improvement. Also, I like how you can run fast normally and faster with melee. The A.I. is a resounding YES! When I was playing mission 20, I could have sworn I have heard footsteps behind me. I turned around and saw 3 bots with Octopuses firing away! HOLY $#!%!!! In deathmatch, however, I was a little disappointed in one part of me and relieved in another. They went away with the points system that allowed 3 kills a game, and went for a timed game. This helped. Respawn points, however, are a disappointment. Your team respawns at the same place every time. My friends and I play by the honor system, so this is only a fear. But there are always jack@$$e$ online. Also, the shotgun feels too inaccurate.
And whats with gift codes? How do you use them? You go to Hotwave Game's website and check often. The gift codes they put up will unlock melee weapons.

Concept: Make Bot. Kill other bots. Repeat. 10/10
Graphics: It lags at places, but overall, they are very stylized. 8/10
Sound: The guns sound great, but the music is still, in my opinion, suckish. 6/10
Playability: A.I. makes for a challenge, Co-Op makes for a war, and deathmatch makes for a "WTF! I SHOT HIM!" 9/10
Entertainment: It's surprising there aren't more games like this out there. The battles are fun, the customization is fun, and the random name generator is funny (I killed George Lopez once lololololol!) 9/10
Replay: High 9/10
Overall: One of the best Indie Games out there. 8.5/10

*please note: i try to keep my reviews non-bias and uplifting. this is constructive criticism, so no crying.

As of now, November 28th, Gamerbots is the 96th most sold game out of 616. Ratings aren't as hot, though (3 1/4 stars)
I still like it, though.

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